Content marketing

We strategize, create, post & manage your social media.

Social media is a buzz-word these days, and we are sure you have your own opinions on the matter. Our team takes care in offering you a one-stop solution for your social media. We will develop a sustainable posting strategy, create the post (graphic design, video editing, etc.) & we will manage the posts.


Tiktok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook…

…we support them all

The first step in creating your social media strategy is to first determine what platforms you should be on. That’s right, you might not need to be on every platform (at least not at this point). The days of posting a random blog post link on LinkedIn and writing a few words about it… are over. Posting on social media is more than just posting. It requires strategy, consistency, valuable content, engagement and much more. Our team will walk beside you and ensure posts are going out on-time & in the manner we discussed.

Examples of Our Work ⬇️


Graphic with audio playing and a responsive animation


Videos can be filmed and edited so they are vertical or horizontal

Graphic Posts

Standard graphic posts can be created for a variety of platforms & can be made into “carousel posts”

Our 5-Step Process

60-Min Kickoff Call

Our kickoff call will include a brand audit for us to discuss what has worked for you in the past. We then figure out what platforms your brand should be on. From there, we work work on creating or refining the brand voice & personality.


After the kickoff call, our team will put a post calendar together for 30-days. The calendar will also include post types (pillars of your content). Upon approval, our team moves on to creating the content.


With the strategy and post calendar in hand, we can begin creating the content. The content we create is different depending on your needs, and might include copywriting, graphic design, photography, videography, animation, video editing or photo editing.


We will push your content to TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other platform your brand needs to be on.


Once the content is out, our team will respond to comments & direct messages (DMs). We will also provide a monthly analytic report without the fluff to ensure you get data that is meaningful and relevant. Depending on which social media plan you have, we will also provide community engagement.