Elevate your Marketing & Have Less Vacancies

You have a 10/10 property but does your marketing match it? 

Do you find yourself always wondering what to post?

Working with random freelancers on Fiver or Upwork can be exhausting and oftentimes leaves you with inconsistent work.

With Old Soul, we take care of ALL your social media content by delivering high quality media.


Case Studies

528 G Street

Location: Washington, D.C.

Building Type: Apartment Complex

RK Junior LLC

Location: Nashville, TN

Building Type: Luxury Home

Meet the Team

Matthew Millstein | Founder

Matt graduated from Belmont University in Communications. As a brand strategist, he leads the team to “bridge the gap” between where our client’s are and where they’d like to be.

When he isn’t working on client work, Matt enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and watching Star Wars.

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