What If... with Elizabeth Gortmaker

What If...? It’s the first question on every entrepreneur’s mind.

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What If… with Elizabeth Gortmaker


What If…? It’s the first question on every entrepreneur’s mind. What if I could change that? What if this existed? What if we did it differently? What if other people wanted what I was creating? What if I actually succeeded?

Entrepreneurship drives our economy and impacts every area of our lives – from what we buy, to how we interact within our communities. That’s why at Belmont University, we love entrepreneurs – and we celebrate the impact of their work.

I’m Elizabeth Gortmaker and I’m the director of the Cone Center for Entrepreneurship at Belmont University. Our alumni have started hundreds of businesses around the world. They are innovating, creating change, and driving the future. And we want to tell you those stories.

So we thought, what if we start a podcast?”

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