Podcasts are a great way to reach new markets and connect with potential customers on an individual basis. In addition, podcasts demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field and give potential customers a reason to buy from you! What’s more, podcasting can be used as an educational tool or as entertainment–it all depends on the content of the show. Finally, with the right guidance, it’s easy to start podcasting because you don’t need any experience with audio recording or video editing; just download the software and get started!

This article will teach you why your business needs to start a podcast, today!

What is a podcast and how does it work?

Podcasts are audio and video files that you can listen to or watch on your computer or mobile device. You can listen to them through Apple Podcasts (or Apple Music), Google Play Music, Spotify, and other apps. Podcasts are distributed through RSS feeds, downloadable as MP3 files, played on your smartphone, and more. If you subscribe to a podcast (by providing your email address), new episodes will be delivered automatically to your app of choice.

Podcasts are recorded using a smartphone, a desktop computer, or a digital recorder. You can record an audio podcast by just talking into your device or you can record video podcasts by doing the same and also capturing footage of yourself. The bottom line is video podcasts are easy to produce and can be produced on a budget-yes, you can record your podcast on Zoom.

Why does your business need to start a podcast?

Your business needs to start a podcast because it is an effective way to increase brand awareness. Podcasts are also an excellent resource for businesses looking to grow and can be used to generate leads. Many of the most successful companies in the world use podcasts for their marketing strategy. For example, Inside Trader Joe’s offers a behind-the-scenes view into the work that makes a multi-billion dollar brand function. Here is a link to view a list of awesome brand podcasts.

Building trust with potential customers

Podcasts build trust because listeners will get to know the company in a different way by showing the host as a thought leader. What is a thought leader? It’s an expert in a specific field, and it is someone who can share their knowledge. Podcasts may not seem like they’re the most exciting way to advertise, but in reality, podcasts allow listeners to get to know your company and its mission through hearing casual conversations with your employees or guests.

If you are vulnerable with your audience, listeners will begin to perceive your company on a more personal level because you opened the door. This helps potential customers feel like they know you and by feeling like they’re familiar with you, then they’re more likely to buy from you.

Podcasts are a content goldmine

Podcasts are a marketer’s dream- if you know the right marketer. Podcasts MUST give the audience something, generally, it is education. By discussing work or life experiences, audience members will receive nuggets of wisdom in a less threatening way (like a classroom). Since we are going to be marketing these shows for free (to our listeners), it is important we get the most bang out of our buck.

Let’s be strategic about it, and think How can we develop the most content from a single podcast episode? Here are a few examples to get you started;

  • Transcribe the episode and edit it as a blog post on your website
  • Modify the blog post and publish it on LinkedIn as an article (pull 5-7 points and expand upon them)
  • Change the blog post again (a different set of points) and publish on Google My Business (Yes, this is NEW!)
  • Find 2-5 minutes of the video, post that on Instagram TV
  • Post the full video on YouTube and write an SEO rich title/description
  • Develop an email list that sends out “Here are 5 takeaways from my conversation with Elon Musk”

We can keep going, but hopefully, this will get you started. The point is, there is SO much content that can be curated from ONE podcast episode. And because you are smart, you will totally record 6-8 episodes over the span of 3 days. Then, because you are smart, you will release them over the next 6-8 weeks (once a week) OR 3-4 months (every other week). You will have fresh content to post on social media, organic traffic to the blog posts on your site, and most importantly, sharing valuable information with all of your listeners.


If you are looking for a way to increase your brand awareness, grow your company’s customer base or generate leads, podcasting may be the answer. Podcasts offer an effective way to connect with potential customers and demonstrate that you’re an expert in your industry. By creating a podcast, your company can also tap into the power of content marketing by providing valuable information to your audience while driving traffic back to your website. We hope you enjoyed our tips on marketing a podcast and see podcasting may be beneficial for your business—whether it’s generating more sales through advertising revenue or increasing engagement rates with unique content.

If you want help implementing these strategies or are interested in starting your own podcast, contact us today! We would love to partner with you.