22 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Podcast in 2022

Whether you want to podcast
• for fun
• for business
• for marketing content
• for gathering new clients

I hope this thread will encourage you to start planning your podcast show today!

  1. Audio content is easily digestible
    • You do not need to be watching your phone to enjoy a podcast episode
    • You can by driving your car, going for a walk, or working in the library with headphones
  2. You can build a community
    • The podcasting community is tight because it brings people together around a shared interest
  3. You can help others
    • If you are knowledgeable in an area or are educating yourself and showing your process..you are providing valuable insight to your listeners.
    • You can help them avoid mistakes you made in the past.
  4. It is not expensive to get started
    • You can start with less than $100 (click this link for a free guide)
  5. It is a content machine
    • You can make video snippets, audio snippets, write blog posts, create Twitter threads…all from ONE episode
  6. Podcasting can connect you with others in your industry
    • You can make incredible connections by inviting thought leaders in your industry to the show
  7. Podcasting is efficient
    • If you have an interview-based show, you can record three episodes a day for three days (3×3=9 episodes)
    • Release an episode every other week and you have 18 weeks worth of content or about FOUR AND A HALF months of episodes to publish
  8. You can (finally) create long-form content that lasts for years
    • If you have wanted to start a YouTube channel or blog but are afraid of the commitment…start a podcast and you can accomplish both
  9. Video podcasts give your audience options
    • They can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. or watch an episode on YouTube or watch a recap on IGTV
  10. You can make MONEY from podcasting
    • Over time, as your podcast gets larger and you have more listeners/downloads…you can set up sponsorship deals, run advertisements, sell merch, etc.
  11. Podcasts are fun
    • Whether it is a solo podcast, interview-based with new guests each episode, or a podcast with your best friend…you SHOULD be having fun
  12. Podcasts will help you ask better questions
    • After getting several episodes under your belt, you will find yourself asking more thoughtful & concise questions
    • This helps not JUST in podcasting but in business meetings, talks with friends, or dates
  13. Send new traffic to your website
    • If you build a page for your podcast on your website…you can send NEW traffic to it
    • You can have separate pages per episode and increase your chances of increasing web traffic
  14. Position yourself as a thought leader
    • Most things in life are a numbers game…if you post enough valuable episodes, ask valuable questions, interview the most valuable guests…listeners (and others) will begin to see you have authority in your industry and are a thought leader
    • If you are NOT…then document your journey in learning about your industry and talk about that process on your podcast
  15. Start a podcast as a side project
    • There is no “lifelong” commitment…try it for a few months or for 1-season
  16. Podcasting works for B2B brands
    • Invite people you’d like to do business with…instead of a cold sales email, invite them onto the show. They will become a “warm lead” and increase your chance of closing
  17. Podcasting works for personal brands
    • If you are growing your personal brand, podcasting can accomplish this through storytelling
  18. Create more touchpoints on the internet
    • Your brand (business or personal) will show up better in Google searches because the episodes have links to your website, mention your name, etc.
  19. Podcasts can be PRIVATE
    • You can create a “pay to listen” podcast that distributes on Spotify, Apple, etc ONLY if a listener pays
    • This can be for personal use (like a Patreon account, paid newsletter, etc.)
    • For business development…larger companies can have internal podcasts for their employees to listen to on platforms they actually use (Spotify, Apple, etc.)
  20. You can finally have content on multiple platforms
    • Podcast content can live on literally every channel
    • Instagram? Episode snippets as Reels, quotes as regular posts, etc.
    • TikTok? Episode snippets, audiograms
    • Telegram or WhatsApp? Develop relationships with your listeners. Find out what THEY want to hear.
    • Discord or Reddit? Create a community for your listeners
    • Email? Send special “Behind-The-Scenes” footage to your email list.
    • Think of a platform that CAN’T have podcast content posted on it? Try me…
  21. Podcasts are scalable
    • You can move to be “Spotify Exclusive”
    • Start to live stream your episodes
    • Create more content
  22. Podcasting is only going to become more popular
    • About 80 million Americans listen to a podcast weekly (Buzzsprout 2022)
    • Podcasts are accessible around the world
    • Podcasts are accessible on nearly any smart device

That’s a wrap!

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